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What is Trigger Point Therapy?: Sales Lead

A trigger point is a small section of muscle tissue stuck in contraction - commonly called a muscle knot. They form because of the way you use your muscles regularly - how you sit, stand, sleep, drive, and exercise all have major effects and can cause dysfunction in your muscles. With trigger point therapy, we can reprogram your muscles to behave better.


How does Trigger Point Therapy work?

Trigger Point Therapy is a specialized form of deep tissue massage.  The therapist uses very precise techniques to locate and deactivate trigger points within the muscles. The therapist will apply deep and specific pressure to the trigger point and ask you to breathe deeply. The precise location and pressure applied will tell the contracted tissue that it is okay to relax. These points can be as large as a quarter or as small as the head of a pin. It is important to communicate and actively participate with your therapist during this process, this is not the type of massage that will allow you to zone out. 

What problems do trigger points cause?

Trigger points disturb the physical functioning of muscles, this can show up as many different types of symptoms including: 

  • pain sensations

  • numbness

  • tingling

  • hypersensitivity

  • burning sensation

  • lack of coordination

  • stiffness

  • swelling

  • weakness

  • reduced range of motion

How do these problems impact daily life?

Trigger points make it hard for the muscles to recover after exertion. Muscles afflicted with trigger points never really get a chance to rest, which causes them to tire unnecessarily. Athletes may see the effects of delayed recovery, delayed relaxation, and decreased endurance.  After Trigger Point Therapy you may find you can throw a baseball faster, bench press more weight, climb harder, fight better, run faster, and have more ability to do daily tasks.

Will it hurt?

"No pain no gain" does not apply here! In Trigger Point Therapy, the therapist always wants to be at your Threshold Point.  This is the amount of pressure that enduces a "hurt-so-good" feeling.  It is described as a sweet ache, or about a 7/10 pressure.  It's the point at which it would hurt if the therapist applied any more pressure.

If your body is in actual pain, your muscles will seize up and try to protect themselves. This will not allow the muscles to release and deactivate the trigger points. Communication is key!

What are clients saying about it?

"She is clearly a competent professional. She uses such precise techniques that I have never experienced before and I’ve had tremendous results!"

"DTS is the best! Their trigger point therapy is very effective for me."

"The deep tissue was perfect as there was constant communication about the pressure and perfectly manipulated the correct areas to alleviate the muscle tension and knots. I recommend anybody that needs a true therapeutic massage to go here."

"I had my first appointment here last week and it was perfect! The room was comfortable and I felt at ease the whole time. She explained everything as she was going including trigger point therapy which was new for me. She found tension I didn’t even know I had, and I felt so much better when I left. I will absolutely be back, and recommend her to friends. Thank you!"

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