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Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness is about more than just happy employees—it's about making sure you don't lose out on their talent because they're overworked, stressed out, or too distracted by outside life to focus on their work. Massage is shown to reduce stress and increase positivity, which in turn increases productivity and employee retention.

Are you looking for unique ways to reward your team and boost their well-being? We invite you to partner with The Deep Tissue Spa! We'll create an exclusive landing page for your employees, offering them special discounts on our range of therapeutic services. This is a perfect opportunity to show your team how much you value their hard work while promoting a healthier, happier workplace. Please don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about this exciting offering and start crafting a more relaxed and rejuvenated workforce today! 

Email us at or call/text at (321) 987-0041

Services Available

Seated Massage Your employees will be seated in our specialized massage chairs while our licensed massage therapists focus on neck, back, and shoulders to decrease tension and stress. This can be performed in any 10x10 area.

Clothed Table Massage  Your employee will lay on a massage table fully clothed, while the therapists use compression, rocking, rolling, stretching for full body relaxation.  This can be performed in any 10x10 area.

Pop-up Spa  Our full menu of services is available with this option. You must provide a private room with a closed door, as well as access to a nearby restroom.  We set up a mini-spa at your office - including music, lighting, massage table, hot towels, and any other necessary equipment to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. Proper draping is used at all times.

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Send us an email and we'll work with you to create a customized experience for your team!

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