Aurora Lusardi LMT

Are you tired of the same massage you get everywhere else? Do you have tension headaches, a frozen shoulder, or piriformis syndrome?


Many people do. It's actually more common than you think, and it's not your fault.


What can you do about it?


Well, you could go to a massage therapist. And if you're going to do that, why not go with one of the best out there?


Aurora is passionate about helping people manage pain and stress through touch. She believes that the body has the ability to heal itself, if given the right tools.


Aurora has been a licensed massage therapist for 3 years and has over 4,500 hours of hands on experience. Aurora's goals as a therapist are to constantly keep growing and obtaining more knowledge to be the best therapist she can be, and to reach as many people with the power of massage as possible. She specializes in Trigger Point, Stretch Therapy, and Myofascial Massage. 


Her personality is as warm as the hot stones that are her favorite massage enhancement for her clients—she loves being able to combine deep tissue work with hot stones for that extra touch of relaxation. Aurora says, "I love to help educate people about their bodies and how massage can help!"


You deserve a therapist who understands your needs and knows how to help you reach your wellness goals. And whether that's one session or many on the way to feeling like your best self, Aurora is here for you.

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My Style

My style is a blend of deep tissue, swedish, myofascial release techniques. I’m interested in working with anyone in our community who finds themselves feeling pain, tension or stress in their body, but I especially love working with frozen shoulder and piriformis syndrome.

The techniques I know have amazing results! Trigger point therapy and Stretch therapy. Hot Stones are my go-to enhancement. My goals for myself as a therapist are to constantly keep growing and obtaining more knowledge so I can be the best therapist I can be and reach as many people with the power of massage as possible.

In the treatment room I tend to be more quiet and results-focused but if you want to talk I’m more than happy to engage in conversation. If you have ANY questions throughout the service please feel free to speak up! I love to help educate people about their bodies and how massage can help!

I want to help you feel better--  If you have stress, tension headaches, or just want to relax, I'd love to invite you to book with me!

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Sundays 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Tuesdays 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

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Massage License: MA93633

call or text 321-987-0041

What my clients are saying...

Our mission at The Deep Tissue Spa is to provide thoughtful science-based therapeutic massage to help our guests with chronic pain and stress feel better. Discover the wonderful experiences they’ve had by reading our client testimonials below. Schedule an appointment for one of our deep tissue treatments and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way!

Aurora was amazing! She had the magic touch! All her massage techniques just flowed so smooth and felt wonderful! I think that’s the first time I’ve ever been so relaxed I started to doze off. She’s professional and relaxing and makes you feel comfortable.

Aurora is professional and in all of the years I have gotten massages, she is the only one I will go see. If you have chronic issues, she will fix it. If you can’t identify it, she will fix it. If you just want to get the best massage you have ever had, make an appt and ask for Aurora.
This spa is homey and friendly and they support other local businesses. 



Aurora is such a fantastic therapist! She has the perfect pressure, very knowledgeable of what she is doing and makes you feel so comfortable! The whole place is super cute and you feel at ease as soon as you walk in, not to mention everyone is very friendly! Thank you for such a great experience and session! Will be back

 I’m so happy I decided to check out the Deep Tissue Spa; I will be signing up for their monthly massage membership…now that I have experienced this magical place, I don’t think I can live without it!!