Ana Ortiz LMT

☆ Licensed Massage Therapist for three years with over 4,000 hours of hands-on experience.

☆ Ana's own experience in an auto accident is what  ignited her love of anatomy and passion for massage therapy and its benefits.

☆ Specializes in deep tissue massage, myofascial release. structural therapy, and sports massage.

My style

My style goes between myofascial techniques and neuromuscular therapy- I have a deep interest in Neurokinetic therapy, and pursuing education surrounding that premise drives me in how I currently approach bodywork within my practice. Using this technique is what helped me recover from my auto accident and injuries.

My ultimate goal is to be as mobile and capable in my body for as long as I can and to help my clients do the same. I'm your ideal therapist if you have been struggling with the same areas of tension/pain and are looking for a different approach in the massages received or if you are looking to correct your own compensations due to muscular tension- afterall, we only get one body! I want to help keep my clients mobile.

I am always interested to work with people who are trying to overcome re-occurring pain- so if you are someone who finds themselves seated often, have low back tension or headaches, plantar fasciitis, or anxiety disorder then I invite you to book with me!

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Mondays 10:00am - 7:00 pm

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Massage License: MA87055

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What my clients are saying...

Our mission at The Deep Tissue Spa is to provide thoughtful science-based therapeutic massage to help our guests with chronic pain and stress feel better. Discover the wonderful experiences they’ve had by reading our client testimonials below. Schedule an appointment for one of our deep tissue treatments and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way!

I have been afraid to get a massage for quite a while, but decided to face my fears. You can see the massage therapists on their website and decide who makes you most comfortable. Ana was extremely knowledgeable and worked at a pace that made me feel extremely comfortable. I cannot wait to go again!

I finally found a place nearby for consistently great massages now that I found my massage therapist Ana!!!
Ana was extremely knowledgeable about my problem areas, she is very professional and compassionate and made me feel at ease immediately. I am looking forward to my next sessions.




Fantastic and enjoyable experience! Ana knew exactly what needed to be done and explained while she worked out the troubled areas. Her use of a combination of pressures and techniques made it comfortable and relaxing. Definitely will be returning.

Professional, clean, efficient. Ana was great!