We are changing our appointment booking
system to Fresha!


You WILL NOT be losing any previously purchased services, gift cards, or credits.

Action Required

  • Create a login

  • Select Drop down menu on top right of screen

  • Select "Payment methods"

  • Add a card on file.

  • All clients will need to re-enter their card information once (one-time) to reserve bookings on our new platform. This is required as we are not able to transfer your secure information from one platform to another, and to require your explicit consent.

  • All active recurring memberships will need to sign up via Fresha- to receive your explicit consent on the new platform and to secure your new card information. IF YOU HAVE MASSAGE CREDITS: THEY ARE BEING INSTANTLY TRANSFERRED TO YOUR NEW ACCOUNT.

What's Changing?

  • We will no longer be using Mangomint Booking System. All of it will be migrated to Fresha Booking.

  • Our gift cards (now called 'Vouchers') will be available to purchase directly through our fresha booking system! No more hassle of giftup charging fees.

  • Our 6-Pack plans and Monthly Memberships are all available for purchase online directly through our fresha booking system! 

  • Each client will have the opportunity to create a fresha 'profile' to book services online on our website... And this system will keep track and show you memberships/vouchers/packages you have available to you! If you are already in our system, it will simply ask you to provide a log-in.

What's Not Changing

  • Our great text and email appointment reminders

  • Our pricing, service, practitioners, or physical location

  • paperless waivers, detailed appointment history for our LMTS

  • future appointments (all of them are being transferred over!)

  • And you still have access to any unused credits, gift cards (now called vouchers), and comps on your account.

Thank You
for your Understanding

We are EXCITED for this transition and we look forward to creating top-notch service and unmatched scientific based, natural, therapeutic relief for all of your massage and skin care needs.