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New Staff Special

Courtney's Therapeutic Heat Massage: 60 mins with hot stones for pain relief - $89

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Courtney, with 4.5 years of experience and around 7,000 hands-on career hours, specializes in a blend of Swedish, deep tissue, and stretch therapies. She often assists clients with low back/neck pain, having notable experience with spinal fusion and stenosis patients. With advanced training in arthritis-focused deep tissue work, she customizes her approach based on client comfort, valuing open communication. Courtney’s keen on expanding her skills into lymphatic drainage and neuromuscular therapy. Her journey in massage therapy began with a desire to provide a better life for her son, demonstrating the power of determination. Through her career, she's learned the reciprocal nature of effort and reward, cherishing the visible impact of her help on clients.

My Style

I enjoy working with a variety of clients, especially the elderly and those with chronic conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Aromatherapy is my favorite enhancement to add; the science behind essential oils and their benefits fascinates me, providing an extra layer of relaxation and targeted relief during massages.I'm in this profession because I'm passionate about improving others’ physical well-being, knowing it positively impacts their mental and emotional states too. I'm always on a learning curve, recently delving into neuromuscular therapy and lymphatic drainage. My proudest moments come when clients return, validating the effectiveness and comfort of my therapy. My approach begins with lighter pressure, progressively working deeper as muscles warm up. I prioritize communication to ensure comfort, adjusting techniques based on client feedback. My previous customer service experience has honed my ability to actively listen and tailor treatments to each client's needs and preferences.In the treatment room, I adapt to the client's preference for conversation, always keeping the lines of communication open for any adjustments needed. I'm here to guide you along your wellness journey and excited to make a positive difference in your life.

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call or text 321-987-0041

Massage License: MA93766

What my clients are saying...

Our mission at The Deep Tissue Spa is to provide thoughtful science-based therapeutic massage to help our guests with chronic pain and stress feel better. Discover the wonderful experiences they’ve had by reading our client testimonials below. Schedule an appointment for one of our deep tissue treatments and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way!

AMAZING experience. I have a complex injury that never healed right, and my therap is a wizard at understanding the muscles and tendons and how they all interrelate…and how to help improve mobility and ease pain. I left feeling rejuvenated!

Had my first massage at Deep Tissue Spa and I really enjoyed my experience. It’s hard to find the right go-to spot, but it looks like I found it. My therapist was thorough with her explanations of what muscles she was going to work on based on our conversation and she also gave me recommendations on stretches for my problem areas, including my neck, shoulders, and arms. Look forward to returning!



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