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Flower Power

Spring has sprung!  

Its time to get your skin to spring back! Rejuvenate your skin with our lavish lavender facial & distress with our Calming Chamomile Massage

Calming Chamomile Massage

Discover serenity with our Calming Chamomile Massage, enhanced by the gentle embrace of Winton and Waits Chamomile aromatherapy. Surrender to blissful relaxation as skilled hands melt away tension, and don't forget to visit our Self Care Boutique to take home the tranquil experience with your very own bottle of chamomile aromatherapy.

Lavender Fields

Lavish Lavender Facial

Immerse yourself in the dreamy, fragrant oasis of our Lavish Lavender facial, which combines the enchanting power of a lavender jelly mask with the lavish nourishment of Sorella Apothecary products. Elevate your senses and ignite your inner glow as you embark on a sensorial journey to rejuvenated, velvety-smooth skin.

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